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I.                    Introduction to the world of Marketing

A.      Thesis: Marketing is an undefined department in all corporations that has developed over time and proven to be a crucial part of a company’s success.

B.      History of marketing

C.      Evolution of Marketing

D.      Controversies pertaining to Marketing

II.                  The History

A.      Early 1900’s

1.       Development of organizations

2.       Rules in which marketing departments must abide

B.      Inventions furthering marketing innovation

1.       Newspaper , magazines, media

2.       Radio

3.       Television

4.       Cellular phones

5.       Internet

III.                Evolution of Marketing

A.      Globalization

1.       Advancement in technology

a.       Communication between buyer and seller

i.                     Easier to purchase products online

ii.                   Easier to market to mass groups of people

b.      Communication between buyer and retailer (middleman)

i.                     Faster distribution

ii.                   Easier to contemplate rules and regulations in form and possession.

2.       Inventions

B.      Blue Ocean Strategy

a.       Newest Innovative strategy

i.                     Developed over 100 years

ii.                   Experimentation led to “the perfect strategy”

b.      Applies to all

i.                     Disregaurds competition

ii.                   Creates own “perfect” market

IV.                Controversies

A.Social Science?

        1.  Non profit

       2. Government use

B. Business Activity ?

        1. Used to maximize profits

        2. Communicate to cliental

C. It is both and can be molded.

V.                  Conclusion: I have concluded that Marketing acts as a mold that any company can manipulate into its corporation to use however one likes.  As time, technology, societal views, needs, and outlooks change, marketing will change with it.

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This is a very well done outline, very specific, very detailed. Sounds like your going to Ace your term paper, good luck!

very nice outline! very detailed! you seem like you really know what your going to do with this research paper!

WOW! You took a lot of time and put a lot of effort into this outline.. it is like your paper is basically done. You are one lucky duck!
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very detailed out line, very impressed on the fact the conclusion matches so well.

Wow!! This is a very detailed outline you should have no problem writing your term paper :)

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