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Question Source

Hunt, Shelby D. "The Nature and Scope of Marketing." Journal Of Marketing 40.3 (1976): 17-28. Web. 18 Feb 2010.

The Nature and Scope of Marketing by  Shelby D Hunt,  relates to my question, is Marketing a social science or a business activity? The first controversy was with the definition of Marketing.  It restricted the feild to only business activity, when really it applies to any type of organization or person.  There  has not yet been a solidified version of the defintion of Marketing.  It is a broad field that can only be defined by the company it works for. 
For each sector of busines, whether its macro ecomonics, micro econmoics, or non profit, Marketing is used in different ways and has different roles in business or socially.  Hunt is basically telling us that it is a flexable feild that yeilds to what the corporation wants from it.

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Good entry but you might want to add some details. I talked to our professor because I had no idea what your entry was supposed to be about and then she explained to me that it was a source summary. I think if this was a summary for other people to understand then it would be very difficult, because I don't know what it means. But, just as our professor explained to me, this is good summary and notes if it was only to be viewed by yourself.

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