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When I found my first source for my research paper, I knew it was a good one for two reasons.  First, It was an online book article, that had a credible author and all the information that I needed to cite it. I even looked it up on amazon to see if the book was still around and in stock.  Secondly, it had all the information I needed in great detail.  It was exactly what I was researching and even gave me more ideas for my paper. 

Whenever I look up sources through Google Scholar, or the Kent state Library website, I know they will give me credible sources that I can rely on, which is a big factor in deciding what sources I will use.  Any type of source that gives me a substantial amount of credible information that directly relates to my topic, I will obviously use.

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This is very descriptiveeeeee, veerryyyy niiiceeeeee.

its good that you made sure that the article was credible. a lot of sources today are just put on the internet by any person and your not sure if they are truly honest.

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