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Spring Break Festivities!
I was planning on having the most exciting spring break yet this year, although I had a few omens that led me to believe it would be the worst. It started of with a trip to Los Angeles, California, then ended with a weekend of family and friend time at home. Firstly,  my friend's brother drove her to my apartment in Kent, so she could spend the night.  Then the following morning we would get on our flight to our first stop, Detroit.  Well, it sounds easy, but that night ended up with a towed car, a night full of money and sleeping arrangement problems.  Dideveryone know that if your car gets towed it is 149 dollars?

After that fiasco, my friend and I got on the plane to Detroit.  We had very little layover there, so we found our gate designated on our ticket, and wen to the restroom, to only come back to an empty terminal.  We run to the lady at the front and she said our gate had changed and our plane has already took off. Tears started rolling and panic set in.  We were in Detroit, with little money, and no other flights to LA.  After we took a frew minutes to pull ourselves back together, we walked sadly to the terminal where rescheduled flights were made.  Many people were there argueing and crying to the attendants up front, my friend and I decided to be cool, calm, and collected.  We walk up and state our case, and the lady calls someone and quickly hangs up after. She sent us to a flight that had been three hours delayed, and told us to run.  So that we did.  There were six people in front of us waiting to get on this plane, with no boarding pass, therefore we were not hopeful.  We were the last one they got too, and let us on in seperated seats, which we did not complain.  We run onto the plane full of joy, to find that my seat has been taken, and we were practically being pushed off the plane.  As we started walking out, a man asked where we were going, because there was an extra seat in first class. Our spirits were once again lifted and we both sat down, my friend in coach, and me in first class.  I can't really complain about that, things were starting to look up.

When we got to Los Angeles, with a welcoming greeting from my friend and his friends, we find out we don't have a car. Anywhere you want to go in LA is at least 30 minutes away, a car was much needed.  I was noticing a pattern in all of these things going wrong, and finally felt the underlying frusteration I  have been holding in the whole trip.  But afterwards we came up with a solution, and all was well with the rest of the weekend.

The omens did not stop us from having a good time. I learned that as long as you don't let the little things bring your attitude down about something that is supposed to be amazing, then misforutnes will  never matter in life.  Staying positive is key, because I knew all of the mistakes and misfortunes that did happen, could be fixed if we just kept our heads up.

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Wow your spring break def beats mine! Well now that we are all back at school good luck with everything.

sounds like you had a fun spring break!

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